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(34.86 MB) Download DAY BREAK Korea, U.S. conclude new military cost-sharing agreement

  January 12, 2014  ~    34.86 MB
DAY BREAK Korea, U.S. conclude new military cost-sharing agreement






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Coming up on this Monday edition of Day Break... Seoul and Washington's 867 million U.S. dollar defense cost-sharing deal, praised by both governments, is likely to face a tough political battle to get an approval from Korea's National Assembly.

Pope Francis will appoint 19 new cardinals next month, including Korea's Archbishop Andrew Yeom Soo-jung . Archbishop Yeom will become only the third cardinal in Korea's history.

Plus,... Israelis pay their respects to former prime minister Ariel Sharon, who died on Saturday after a stroke in 2004 that left him in a coma. Palestinians, who consider Sharon a war criminal express no sorrow for his death. Day Break begins now.

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You're watching Day Break on Monday, January 13th.
I'm Choi You-sun in Seoul.

Title: Korea, U.S. conclude new military cost-sharing agreement

Wrapping up months of negotiations,... Korea and United States have finally agreed to a new cost-sharing agreement for the stationing of U.S. troops in Korea.
Shin Se-min reports.
South Korea says it will pay 8-hundred-66 million U.S. dollars to the United States this year to keep American troops on the Korean peninsula.
The foreign ministry says the allies struck a deal Saturday to share the cost of stationing 28-thousand-5-hundred U.S. troops in the South.

"The outcome ensures a stable condition for U.S. troops stationed in Korea and is a fair sum to be paid by the Korean government.
We reached what we think is a figure that is acceptable to the National Assembly and the people."

The two sides settled for a 5-point-8 percent increase, which is up 47-million dollars from last year's Special Measures Agreement.
The increased rate has worried some who say defense costs may exceed 9-hundred-40 million dollars by 2017.
Under the deal, effective through 2018, the annual rate of increase in Seoul's share will be tallied with the application of the Consumer Price Index,... but will not exceed more than 4-percent.

Washington has also agreed to enhance transparency in how it uses Seoul's money.
It will send reports to the Korean government detailing where the money is being spent.
The new contract will also improve the welfare and well-being of Koreans working for the U.S. military in Korea.

The deal comes as Washington seeks to bolster its military presence in Northeast Asia.

Seoul's foreign ministry says the new deal was a good deal for the country as Washington had been pushing for over 9-hundred-40 million dollars.
However, the main opposition Democratic Party is not impressed.
It says the deal was poorly executed... in a sign the deal might not face an easy ride in parliament... where it still needs to be approved.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

Title: More than half of U.S. ballistic submarines in Pacific - report

The United States has cut back on its ballistic submarine patrols over the years, but well over half are still positioned in the Pacific Ocean, which includes the waters near the Korean peninsula.
In their latest report on Washington's nuclear power, experts Hans Kristensen and Robert Norris say 14 submarines with ballistic missile capability are deployed in the Pacific and Atlantic for nuclear deterrence patrols.
Four to five of those are on "hard alert" stand-by for immediate attack.
They say Washington is keenly aware of the possibility of nuclear war with countries like North Korea and China.