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(2.47 MB) Download China denies detaining one million Uighurs in internment camps

  August 14, 2018  ~    2.47 MB
China denies detaining one million Uighurs in internment camps




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Unfounded slander...defamatory rumours... these are the terms Beijing''s been using...to push back against accusations that they''re holding a million people, namely ethnic wee-ger, in internment camps...At a hearing in Geneva, a United nations commission demanded answers,amid growing concerns of the scope of a crackdown against muslims in western China.. Beijing issued a blanket denial, without providing any details:5. SOUNDBITE (Chinese) Lianhe Hu, The United Front Work Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) General Committee:"The allegation that millions of Uyghur people were imprisoned in re-education centres is completely not true. The regional government guarantees its citizens'' right to religious freedom (map) The Uighur minority is predominantly based in the autonomous Xinjiang province...A vast region of Northwest CHina. Little information gets out of the remote area, where multiple ethnic poplulations live including the predominantly sunni muslim Uigars. But the UN has received growing evidence, backed by satelite footage, of what one commissioner called ''massive internment camps".In addition to the 1 million detained, another 2 million are thought to be in in coerseive re-education programs...to push them to abandon their muslim faith and heritage. Specialists on the area say there could be upto 1200 camps - and the criteria for detention remain opaque... But reports of the camps- as well as kinappings, mass DNA collection and an atmosphere of martial law in the streets- are all part of a crackdown in recent years against what Beijing says is growing terrorism and religious extermism in xinjiang..while critics say it is widespread religious persecution.

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